How we work

Any consulting agency can come in and find problems to solve.

At SCI, we’re focused on solving your business’ needs and leaving your organization with a lasting and flexible business process that will deliver value long after our engagement.

Solving Business Needs

It’s easy for a consulting agency to solve a product development problem. It’s much more difficult to go beyond the problem and help a company solve its business needs.

We strive to do the latter. A short term need for manpower might be driven by a lack of systems engineering in the development process, leading to unforeseen schedule delays. A finished product that underwhelms the marketing team be driven by poor user needs and requirements generation. Whatever the case, want to help you and your organization not just with the immediate concern, but with the broader business need that is underlying it.

Systems Engineering

Research shows your project is 39% likely to FAIL*. Your project has missed something critical to success early in the definition stage.

How can you succeed against the odds? Consider taking your company to the moon and back, because achieving project success is rocket science. Is it sometimes a challenge to keep up with all the pieces of your program? The Apollo 11 rocket had over 300,000 components. Have you recently run into trouble with a vendor, or another group in your organization? More than 20,000 vendors collaborated on the Apollo 11.

Suttons Creek has been generating success in medical technology by applying the system engineering principles that delivered the first men to the moon. Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how to design and manage the complexity of projects over their life cycles.

Our tools and methods identify problems sooner and improve execution across teams. The result is reliable program execution. We can help you achieve that. We can train you do to the same.

*2007 Standish Group Research Exchange

Multidisciplinary Background

Most Suttons Creek team members come from a medical device background and the team has all the cross-functional experience needed to take a device from concept to market.

One of the particular strengths of the Suttons Creek team is not only our breadth of domain knowledge across our consultants, but the multidisciplinary background of many of our team members.

In their 10+, 15+, and 20+ years of experience in the medical device industry, our consultants have worn multiple hats, from marketing to engineering to quality to regulatory. As a result we understand the different and often competing needs of the different parts of medical device & combination product companies. We can bridge common gaps that exist, like the one between marketing and engineering, or the one between engineering and quality, or the one between regulatory and the rest of the organization.

Embedded Teams

Standard procedure for consulting engagements is for an agency to define the scope, execute, provide recommendations, and move on.

At Suttons Creek, however, we’ve found that while that can be a useful mode of execution, it is not always the most effective way to get things done. For many of our engagements with companies new to making combination products, we’ve found that the best way for us to provide lasting value is to embedded a portion of our team with our client for several months.

Instead of simply providing recommendations, we work with our clients and their existing organization to ensure those recommendations are acted upon. Organizations are often resistant to adopt to new paradigms, and often for good reason: the existing paradigm has led to billions of dollars of revenue. By embedding within your organization, we can work with stakeholders across your organization in the adoption of new business practices.