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Julie Gordon on Money Matters Podcast

Suttons Creek’s Julie Gordon talks about “Skill Set Transfer” on the Money Matters podcast by Adam Torres, Co-Founder of Money Matters Top Tips, a media and publishing company dedicated to the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs and executives.

If you are interested in hearing tips on shifting your career across functions and industries, check out this 9-minute podcast – “Money Matters Top Tips” with Adam Torres. Julie Gordon, Vice President of Organizational Development & Strategy at Suttons Creek, joins him and tells the story of her own very unique career path and how she executed a skill set transfer to make the leap from the entertainment industry to the financial industry, and eventually to the medical device industry. Julie also shares how she uses her universal skills to help Suttons Creek clients. Get inspired about how you can bring your own “unique brand of awesome” (we loved that, Julie!) into new experiences and transfer your footprint of success across very different roles.

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