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Announcing New SCI Expert In Launching Combination Products In Competitive Markets


Applying cGMPs for Combination Products to Ophthalmic Devices

Suttons Creek is pleased to announce our newest team member, Bryan Bobo, joining SCI today as Principal Consultant, reporting to Carolyn Dorgan, Technical Director. Bryan’s new role as a leader on our technical team is backed by nine-plus years in the pharmaceutical industry and overseeing combination product teams responsible for project management, product engineering, human factors validation, design transfer, and the ultimate development and receipt of regulatory approval. In addition to his direct product development experience, Bryan also engages with the global combination product community through his participation on various international standards committees, bringing his first-hand knowledge of the world’s latest regulatory standards directly to our clients.

Bryan’s practical, hands-on experience with various types of drug delivery systems from his years as both a Device Development Engineer and a Program Manager provides him extensive knowledge of combination product development and what it takes to launch products on the market. He has a proven track record of establishing growth plans to meet long-term strategic goals and launching multiple drug delivery systems, including two custom auto-injectors, that led to improved market penetration and increased access to therapy. With increased opportunity to support industry-leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as they bring life-changing combination products to patients, Bryan looks forward to doing the same for our clients.

He also looks forward to leveling up our consulting team. Beyond the strategic and quality oversight of statements of work and the overall leadership of assembled consultant teams, Bryan is responsible for the identification and implementation of development opportunities among the combination product development engineers. We are excited for him to use his combination product expertise and strong management abilities to further elevate the knowledge and prowess of our already highly skilled and talented technical department. 

To learn more about Bryan’s experience or connect with him via LinkedIn or email, check out his profile page on our website.