Our Story

We are the medical device and software development partner to big and small pharmaceutical companies.

Founded in 2012 by Steve Badelt, PhD.

Steve’s 20 years of system engineering and medical device experience coupled with his genuine curiosity and interest in creating viable solutions to unique problems put him in an exceptional position to fulfill the new need in the pharmaceutical industry around combination products and software as a medical device.

Throughout his career Steve fostered professional relationships with exceptional consultants in the Medical Device and Connectivity space with diverse backgrounds from aerospace to commercial product development, from defense to petroleum.

Having engaged with pharma since before the FDA’s combination product ruling, Steve’s company Sutton’s Creek, Inc. is uniquely positioned to be the premier Device and Connectivity Team to Pharma. Their complete FORGE system for Software, Auto Injectors, Pre-Filled Syringes, Lyo-Kits, On-Body Devices and Inhalers supports Suttons Creek’s clients from concept to deployment through the complex regulatory approval process.

“Suttons Creek strikes the right balance between attention to detail and a systems-level approach.”
Bohdan Oppenheim, PhD, INCOSE